» Polypropylene packaging bags

Our company provides a wide selection of sewed and sealed polypropylene (PP) bags. They are high-quality products that display and excellent endurance and resistance to pollution and complex atmospheric factors. Using our polypropylene packaging bags, you will make your products look commendable and effective, which may result in their better recognisability among consumers.
We provide a wide variety of sewed polypropylene bags, tailored to individual customer needs, using top-quality materials. Diversified colouration of edgings and nonwoven fabric (also referred to as Wigofil or PP fabric), ranging from basic colours, such as white, red, maroon, brown, black, navy blue, blue and green, to the original shades of orange, purple, pink and pea-green, will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Polypropylene bags manufactured using heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing methods enrich the ample selection of our products. Such types of bags may be used as the packaging of bedclothes, underwear, socks, towels, child clothing, shirts, other daily consumer goods, and the like. Our sealed bags ensure a fast and convenient packaging process, coupled with adequate product protection, as they may be equipped with snap fasteners or resealable tape. You may choose from various kinds of hangers and hanger positioning options, which make it possible to easily hang the goods on a display rack.
Please note that our polypropylene bags are subject to a recycling policy.

The size and pattern is adjusted to specific customer needs.
The PP foil thickness: 25-100 microns
The PP fibre thickness: 70g/m2 – 100g/m2
You may also wish to print a logo, a logotype or other advertising information on top of the bag.

The polypropylene packaging bags may be provided with a variety of holders and hangers that are available on our website in the „Holders and hangers” tab.

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