» PP non-woven fabric

The PP non – woven fabric we offer comes in standard width of 1.6 meter, beam of 250 linear meter each. It is a high quality product. We offer great range of colours from light beige to dark red, shiny blue and black. It may come useful in building trade as well as in making elegant furniture. The fabric is perfect for those who are eco – friendly. They can use it to make good quality eco bags or covers for storing suits or other smart clothes. The PP non – woven fabric can also be used to manufacture plastic packaging. Our company has been using the PP non – woven fabric to make high quality sealed, sewed and zipper bags.

The PP non – woven fabric

Standard width: 1.6 meter.

Beam: 250 linear meter.

Colours: orange, red, dark red, brown, cappuccino, light beige, shiny blue, shiny silver, black, navy, light green, blue, grey, green, white.


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