» Bag sealing tapes


Double – sided sticky tapes are used for closing and opening plastic bags. In this kind of tape the most commonly used adhesive is an oil or water one. Depending on the size of a plastic bag we choose the right width of the sticking layer.



In our offer the following widths are available:

  • 10mm/2mm/10000m
  • 12mm/4mm/10000m
  • 15mm/4mm/10000m
  • 15mm/6mm/10000m
  • 19mm/8mm/10000m
  • 19mm/10mm/10000m
    (the first number: the width of the tape, the second number: the width of adhesive, the third number: the length of the roll).

We offer tapes with the adhesive placed: in the middle, on the left or on the right.

Moreover, we also have permanent tapes which are used for one – time sealing of the bag. The use of this sort of tape makes it impossible to open the bag without damaging the package (this kind of tape is widely used by manufacturers who make envelopes for couriers or so called safe envelopes in which important documents are carried).

The permanent tape we offer is size: 12/6/5000

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