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Sealed bags made of 70-200 microns-thick specialised PVC film. They are not only durable and solid, but also exceptionally aesthetic. Your products packed in the high-quality PVC bags will certainly be well-displayed and fully safeguarded in transportation and distribution. They provide an excellent protection against dust, dampness and pollution. The PVC bags may be equipped with a wide range of hangers and holders available in our offer, and with two closing options, namely snap fasteners or resealable tape. We may also use the screen printing method to customize printed designs on the PCV film, which may be a good solution if you are willing to additionally advertise your products or simply to display your logo. Through our long-standing experience in the film packaging industry, we have acquired advanced knowledge of the manufacturing process of PVC packaging. This knowledge allows us for creating virtually any kind of soft PVC packaging that is currently available in the Polish market.

The packaging size and model will be tailored to customer needs.
Film thickness: 70-200 microns

 This kind of packaging can be used to store registration cards, curtains, baby clothing, swaddling blankets, bedclothes, toys, sleeping bags, underwear, shirts, socks, towels, cosmetics, balloons, documents, construction materials, table cloths, bathroom rugs, office supplies, school accessories, healing herbs, and the like.

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