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Environmentally-friendly stitched bags have recently appealed to a rapidly-growing number of customers who are becoming more and more concerned about the environment and aware of its unquestionable value. We offer top-quality eco-bags made of durable and solid polypropylene fabric. Choosing our services, you get the guarantee that the bag will survive a number of long shopping sessions. The principal qualities of the environmentally-friendly stitched bags include a wide selection of sizes, holder types (e.g. short or long holders) and mixed colour patterns. To manufacture our eco-bags, we use high-quality PP fibre with the basis weight ranging from 70 g/m2 to 120g/m2. This which ensures unusual durability and long service life of our products.

The packaging size and model will be tailored to customer needs. We may also customise special printouts on the packaging surface, using the screen printing method. Our portfolio also comprises sealed PP eco-bags.


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